Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Semolina Spaghetti

This Spaghetti is a recipe uses dough left over from a pasta making night. I created a more rustic dough by adding semolina flour while rolling and produced some wonderful Spaghetti that will hold a good Ragu' sauce. This recipe is a winner.

Semolina Spaghetti ingredients:
300g strong flour
3 free range organic eggs
100g Semolina flour for dusting and rolling
Pour the flour on the table and make a well in the centre for the eggs. Mix together with hands and knead, adding semolina flour if sticky, till soft and silky, approx 8 minutes.

Use a pasta roller or rolling pin to roll out the pasta dough, dusting with more Semolina, and cut Spaghetti with a roller. If you don't have a pasta roller, consider cutting a different type of pasta that will still do the same job of holding a great sauce - such as Tagliatelle (0.65-1cm ribbons).

Cook for 3-5 mins in boling salted water immediately, or hang over chairs on tea towels till dry and store in airtight containers in fridge for up to a month.

I imagine it will make a nice cold pasta salad in summer, with a tangy dressing and freshly podded green peas, parmesan and new season olive oil.

While its still winter, I think this spaghetti will go really well with a rich meat sauce that it can catch with its texture; such as Rich Rabbit Ragu.

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