Sunday, August 22, 2010

Worm Farming

Dan has taken the lead role in learnign everything there is to know about worm farms and worms and we now have two Can-O-Worms in out laundry processing our organic waste from the kitchen and producing the amazing Worm Tea - liquid fertiliser!

My heirloom tomatoes and herb seeds are reaping the benefits - see here.

Dan has bought some big barrels to put the vermicast in and breed the bacteria to produce 'vermi-solution' another great fertiliser. We are experimenting on the hospital grass now with a variety of fertilisers (including worm tea, seaweed concentrate, osmocote and vermi-solution, to see what the results are. Dan is going to have different watering regimes and different concentrations of the fertilisers. The grounds keeper/gardener has agreed to be in on the plan and promised he wouldnt mow our lawn.

More on the worms to come in future.

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