Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Silo Bakery

Silo Bakery, Canberra.
My favourite Bakery.

The view from our table (I wanted to peek).

Chocolate Croissants

Baguettes and Ciabatta just baked!

Crescent Croissants
My goodies from the bikeride.


Kingston Sourdough

I took particular interest in the shape, colour and texture (and flavour) of the sourdough loaf since I have been making my own.
Walnut and Rye Sourdough Baguette

Lemon Tart and Burnt Caramel Custart Tart


Gorgeous aeration and soft olive oil crumb.

Renee and I had a picnic with some of the bread and some yummy dips and cheese we put together.
Renee brought a chickpea, chilli and capsicum dip that was amazing and lots of other goodies. I got some sheeps brie from the providores in Manuka that was also lovely.

Growing Heirloom Tomatoes #2

A touch of red.

All the tomatoes are growing well.

Today I picked the first batch of red ones.

We have had heavy rain in Dubbo this last week and a couple of the really ripe tomatoes split down the side. i suspect from too much water and over-ripeness. We wanted the whole truss to start to ripen before harvest but have realised we will just pick as we go while the weather isnt that warm.