Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Winter Garden 2011

Winter garden bed contains: 2 Purple Kale, 10 Curly Kale, 1 Parsley, 1 Golden Oregano, 8 Parsnips, 4 coloured Silverbeet, 9 Baby Spinach, 8 Snow Peas, 8 Broccoli, 4 Romanesco Broccoli, 2 Purple Sprouting Broccoli, 2 Buok Choy, 2 Pak Choy, 8 Broad Beans, 2 Garlic, 10 Brown Onions, 20 Red Onions, 3 Lemongrass (dying in frost though), 2 Fennel, 1 Rocket, 1 Coriander.

Worm farms drip worm wee into soil.

Manuka often tries to help. He is good at tearing open bales of lucerne mulch.

Purple Kale and Broccoli.
Since its an organic garden, there are some while cabbage moths (and caterpillars) around eating holes in leaves. Though, as my friend Jess told me: if you grow enough to feed them and yourself you are happy. They are only eating the leaves of broccoli so far and the broccoli are all almost ready to pick. I have protected the baby spinach from slugs by using egg shells smashed up to make a sharps line around the patch.

The first head of Broccoli!!

Dan is marginally enthused. Not very happy about the greens.

Beautiful purple Kale - will be going in my indian dhal tonight.

Gnome Geoff and Jess gave me for the garden.

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