Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New Zealand and Purukanui Farm

I just moved to New Zealand to the town of Dunedin. I am staying at a beautiful farm looking over Purukanui Inlet and Blueskin Bay in Mihiwaka. Its about an hour bikeride from town, and the views are amazing riding around the hills, and up and down the hills.

These are some photos of the farm and the animals.
 The inlet

The farm
 The apple tree in the back garden with some cabbage and celery

The apiary site where I am taking care od three Warré beehives, skillfully built by Nick Holmes, near Mount Mopanui.

The cobbles

 the bath

Some local hills I have been riding around.

View from near swampy summit looking south towards Pineapple and Nichols MTB tracks

The view from Swampy Summit west (above) and east (below)


  1. wow Rachel looks amazing!!!!!! Manuka will like rounding up the sheep!! You will need to learn to whistle!!!!!

  2. John is going to let manuka loose on this year's lambs to see what he's made of