Monday, March 16, 2015

Collection of kitchen ideas

I love to establish a kitchen and good pantry with minimal waste. I like a welcoming, good smelling kitchen with spicy sections and a view out a window to living things; a garden. I like the smell of drying chillies and garlic on the windowsill, the everpresent infusion of tea to the air, the smell of fresh baked bread coming from the oven often!  Really good sharp knives are oiled in their home; a knife rack specially handmade. The are used every day and kept sharp to cut beautiful home-or locally grown organic vegetables. A sink is outside to wash and cut vegies and feed extras to the chickens. Beneath everything; there is also a slight hint of the raw smell of uncooked meat, the compost almost ready to be taken out to the chickens, pig or compost heap, piquant red wine residue still in the bottom of a glass, lemon rind and honey, and gentle cinnamon lingering. Honeycomb from the bees would sit in containers ready to be cut onto fresh bread as a tea break from work outside.

I love home made furniture, places to do craft, home-made cushions, rugs, natural bush colours, tea mugs, pots hanging on hooks, I like to see them. Other useful items like pottery and cookbooks lining the underside of benches. On winter mornings sun streaming in through north facing windows like in my childhood home, and on winter nights an aromatic stew would slowly braise on the stove. In spring, rain is comforting on the roof at night, maybe sleep in for once and have a tea then read in bed a bit longer... The smell of fresh cut grass and nectar would enter through the windows or beneath doors once the sun came out. During summer there will be pottery bowls full of fruit ripening and smelling, there will be baskets and jars full of berries. Warm sourdough often rests on a wooden chopping board many nice mornings of the year, each time I like making it a little different. Things are tidy and well organized but still, herbs hang and tea ingredients dry, prosciutto and bresaola are curing hung from the ceiling, and its a kitchen where no-one is worrying about 'mess', just living and being connected with the land outside and being deeply content in this.

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