Monday, January 30, 2012

January in the Garden

The garden has grown into a jungle of fennel, thai basil, tomatoes, sweet basil, lemongrass, dill, french tarragon, golden beetroot, yellow squash, red beetroot, purple carrots, orange carrots, cos lettuce, mesculun and rocket, parsley and chives, thyme, mint, lemon thyme, an abundance of sage, rosemary, garlic, jap and butternut pumpkin, many more tomatoes and celery! It is difficult to harvest because there are various layers of tomatoes and the walkways have been overgrown. I have learnt a lesson from this - I have overplanted the tomatoes and they are taking over everything. The other thing taking over is the butternut pumpkin. Here are the pics....see December pictures for a 1 month comparison!

1 comment:

  1. Oh wow, look at your garden Rach. What a great space. With a space like that I can imagine it's a balance between enthusiasm and over-planting.
    I am fighting a war on snails versus my own over-planting. My tomatoes have migrated into other pots and are taking over non-vegetable plants, and my lettuces didn't stand a chance against the snail onslaught. It's my first attempt at a kitchen garden in a courtyard so I'm not too frazzled by it. More amused. I'll have to share some photos soon.
    Hope all is well. I miss going to the markets with you!