Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Gabe's Popcorn

I tried to replicate an amazingly tasty popcorn variation Gabe and Shaz shared with me before we drove to Dan's place before a skiing weekend.
I throw in a wide range of random spices to popcorn and most things work
Chilli is good. 
Cocoa and brown sugar is also a goodie but I prefer savoury/lemon


Rice Bran Oil
Popcorn kernels

herb and garlic seasoning
lemon zest
lemon juice
rice wine vinegar
lemon infused olive oil
*optional raw caster sugar


Mix dressing ingredients together to get a balance of savoury flavours - salty and vinegary. Add a touch of sugar if you like it like that.

Heat the RB Oil in a saucepan with a lid, enough to coat the bottom with about 2mm.
Add corn and put lid on and shake sporadically while the corn pops
Once most of the corn is popped, place in a big bowl and add some of the dressing, mix and add more to your taste.

1 comment:

  1. I had lemon pepper and sushi vinegar popcorn last night.
    Other favorites are:
    - brown sugar and cocoa powder with a pitch of salt (with oil to bind to popcorn)
    - savoury yeast flakes (with oil to bind to popcorn)
    - soy sauce