Sunday, November 11, 2012

DOJO'S Bread

 This awesome bread is made in a beautiful bakery called Dojo's down a side alley in Braidwood, NSW.

I met Matt Hulse a few years ago when I was at the Braidwood Pub having dinner after a day of fieldwork mapping the wetlands in the southern rivers. He told us about how martial arts and bread are similar (a very entertaining conversation) then stormed out and brought back about 6 loaves for us to take into the field the next day. Thereafter I stopped to get bread from DoJo's every chance I could.

The other day we went to get a coffee from the Braidwood main street cafe and were so surprised that they serve "Sonoma" Sourdough (from sydney) on their breakfast menu instead of supporting the local (and high quality) Dojo's Bread. I also forgot Dojo's serve coffee and great hot chocolate, otherwise we would have just chilled there in their dog friendly garden and chatted with Mark who always seems to have all the time in the world to talk about bread and flour and life...and anything really.

Mark runs the bakery now and he is pretty passionate about bread. I like that they always have a new or interesting loaf cut to try on their wooden counter. Mark gave me some freshly milled wholemeal rye flour to use for my sourdough this summer. Its really nice.

Try this recipe for dill cured salmon on Dojo's Rye & Caraway Sourdough

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