Thursday, November 4, 2010

Growing Heirloom Tomatoes

I am growing the following Heirloom Tomatoes:

Yellow Beams Pear (yellow cherry)
Tommy Toe (red cherry)
Wild Sweetie (red currant - smallest in world)
Green Zebra (green cherry)
Green Grape (green grape-size)

I am specialising in cherry sized ones at first while we dont have a proper garden yet (only pots). Once we have some room to plant a garden we can make a greenhouse and setup some netting for the bigger tomatoes that fruit fly attack here in Dubbo.

The seeding started out like this:

And now they look like this (these are the oldest seedlings):

 We have three large Tomato pots and the centre one is actually a pot full of beans that are growing up the netting. Then there are two on the right that are younger Tomato seedlings..see below:
 As you can see they have distinctively different foliage and I deliberately didnt label them so we get a surprise when the different coloured cherry fruits arrive!
 This week the plants have begun to fruit! 


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