Friday, June 14, 2013

Bendo Weekend Lasagne

It all started with a very serious manly meeting...

Then we had some fun making friends with the birds.

Even sharing bird friends.

Then the Lasagne Making started.
We grilled all the vegies on the fire and layered them with tomato sauce with mushrooms and white sauce with nutmeg. Haloumi was the key ingredient on the vegetarian agne. For the Bolognese agne Hash cooked up an amazingly rich mince sauce and we layered this with some pumpkin as well and lots of mozzarella.

Paprika on top

And unleash the monster

Oh yes. That's nice.
Wine goes well.

Then we played some poker and guess who won?

The next morning we had tea for breakfast. We were STILL FULL.
Hash instructed us in the art of archery.

Manuke was very happy.

 Later the next day we were hungry again and Luke made us pancakes.

Then we said goodbye to the birds, till next time.

Hash and Matt

Matt and Luke

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